Tree of Life Tiger's Eye Set

Necklace and bracelet set adorned with beautiful red, blue and yellow Tiger's Eye stones. Silver "Tree of Life" pendant on necklace. 

TE Multi-Color Tree of Live Necklace/ Bracelet Set
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Hye Won Hye- Mashan Jade Bracelet

Hye Won Hye - a symbol of endurance. Yellow Mashan Jade with silver flakes in each stone. Silver Adinkra charm w/ vintage-style silver spacers.

Yellow Mashan Jade ADINKRA
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Dwennimmen- Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Dwennimmen - "the ram's horns" - represent humility and strength. Bracelet made of blue Tiger's Eye with hematite spacers for grounding. Silver Adinkra charm.

Dwennimmen Blue TE Bracelet
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